Jambican studio gardens is an organic farm providing health and happiness through creative agricultural experiences. Our goals are to bring people closer to wild in thought, word, and deed. sustainable life activities are those which recognize and promote the interdependence of all elements within the environment.

Our farm is approximately 80 acres on a 100 yr flood plain overlay on the outskirts of the city of ottawa.

We are mostly a husband and wife team with occasional volunteer help from friends and customers. we have one tractor and enough accompanying implements to accomplish most of our tasks at a speed appropriate to our scale. we have about 12 acres of vegetables and flowers in production, with some smaller experimental patches devoted to grain and mushroom cultivation. we maintain a 20 acre woodlot in the back mostly for firewood, mushroom growing strata, wood chips, branches, mulch, wildlife habitat, and revitalization of the soul.

We have a growing network of people from many walks of life interested in our ‘closer to wild’ approach.

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